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  • Item #: MICROROLLING01
  • Manufacturer: MD Dermis
  • Condition: New
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Revivegold Micro-ROLLER poses tiny micropins that deliver the product into the skin at the ideal depth of 600 microns. The hollow micropins hold the product, when inserted into the skin and pulled back it will let the product into the skin.
  • Convenient & Efficient.
  • Smooth derma-chanelling system
  • Controllable flow by pressing strength
  • Deep penetration and quick absorption.
  • Very tiny micro pins – gold plated.

Prepare the device:  

  • Pull out the Revivegold Micro-ROLLER from the sterile package.
  • Use the opener provided to open the topical ampoules.
  • Places the ampoule contents into the sterile tube of the Micro-chanelling System.
  • Carefully attached the upper part of the Revivegold Micro-chanelling to the tube and remove the lid.


  • The device is sterile, recommended for one-time use.
  • Personal use only. Do not share with another person.
  • To reuse wash the device and immerse in 75 % alcohol for about 5-8 minutes.




Micropins length : 0.5mm

Micropins number : 24 micropins

Capacity of ampoule: 10ml

Composition : Medical Stainless steel with gold plating/Polycarbonate / High tensile silicone.

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