IPL Photoepilation - Photorejuvenation, "MDDermis Ultra-Max"
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IPL Photoepilation - Photorejuvenation, "MDDermis Ultra-Max"

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  • Very easy to use. Preset Parameter.
  • Excellent Contact Cooling
  • Powerful, long lasting treatment.
  • Control number of shootings.
  • Digital Touchscreen
  • Advace technology

Working principles

RF‐Photon technology is a combination of the most advance technologies:

1)RF (Bipolar Radio Frequency)
2)IPL (Intense Pulsed Light )
3)Skin Contact Cooling 

It makes use of the resistance difference between the target tissue and normal skin resulted from selective absorption effect of the skin to photon energy. It increases the RF energy absorption quantity of the target tissue under considerable low photon energy level, to eliminate possible side effects attributed to over heat. Meanwhile, contacting surface cooling technology applied on the treatment probe head can eliminate the heat effect attributed to photon energy, and increase the resistance of surface skin, reduce the RF absorption of the surface skin, greatly improving both the treatment performance and safety. The technology is equally applicable and effective to mild color target tissues.



1)   Hair Removal /Photo epilation (reduction of unwanted hairs). 

2)   Photorejuvenation, for fine  wrinkle, large pores, solar  pigmentation.

3)   Benign Brown Pigmentation,  such as freckles, post traumatic hyperpigmentation, melasma.

4)   Dilated Vessels, such as varicose veins (vascular), telangiectasis, port  wine stains, hemangiomas, rosacea.

5)   Poikiloderma

6)   Scars and Stains

7)   Acne Vulgaris

Note: After the treatment, avoid the sun as much as possible


Technical specifications


510~1200nm(SR); 690~1200nm(HR)

Spot Size:

10*40mm²(SR); 15*50mm²(HR)

IPL Energy


Operation Interface:

8.4" TFT True Color LCD Screen

IPL Power


Integrated skin cooling

-4°C~-2°C 6

Cooling System

Air Cooling & Closed Water Circulation Cooling & Treatment Head with Semiconductor Cooling

Working Period

Continuously stand-by working for 12 hours

Electrical Requirements

220V±10%, 50Hz or 110V±10%, 60Hz


50cm*46cm*125cm (L*W*H

Net weight



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