BodySculp EMS Machine, Professional body sculptor machine. faradic current, for body toning and tightening
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BodySculp EMS Faradic Machine (Gimnasia Pasiva Profesional))

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BodySculp is a Professional Faradic EMS machine, for body tightening and sculpting, lose weight program, massage, muscle toning and pain reduction. Important step in an esthetic body contouring  program.

Could be use alone or in combination with other machines as radio fequency and/or cavitation as a part of a full esthetic plan.


(1) There are ten ways output, which allows operator to choose one way or multi-way output in order to meet the esthetic’s need.

(2) There is alarm device for reposition. While the instrument is turned on and if the individual output is not reset to the “0” position, the device will alarm and prohibit from output in order to avoid discomfort due to unexpected shock to people at the moment of start up. However the individual output is reset to the“0” position by the operator, the alarm can be eliminated, then turn into the next step.

(3) Automatic timing, make it easier to control the operation time.

(4) Specially designed eight functional buttons, together with quick, middle and slow, three speed buttons, there are twenty-four individual function of computer program in the instrument, which allows to use different treat programs for different esthetic contents so that esthetic operation can be more individualized.

Easy to follow Preset Programs:

P1, P5: Muscle massage, suitable for reduction of muscle pain and nerve tiredness.

P2, P6: Enhance muscle tonicity and brawniness in the positions of chest, waist and abdomen, buttocks, thigh and lower leg.

P3, P7: Simulate body exercises to increase bloodstream circulation and lymphatic drainage.

P4, P8: Lose weight program. 


Programas de Tratamientos;

  • P1, P5: Masaje muscular, alivio del dolor muscular.
  • P2, P6: Mejorar la tonicidad muscular en las zonas del pecho, cintura, abdomen, nalgas, muslos y piernas.
  • P3, P7: Simulación de ejercicios del organismo para mejorar la circulación de flujo sanguíneo y drenaje linfático.
  • P4, P8: Programa de pérdida de peso.


  • 10 Large Electrodes Pads
  • 10 Medium Electrodes Pads
  • 2 Large "C" shape elctrode Pads
  • 2 Small "C" shape electrode Pads
  • 10 small elastic straps
  • 2 longer elastic straps
  • 1 elastic belt
  • Full user manual
  • 10 Conector cables
  • Power cord


10 Larges Pads

10 Medium Pads

Breast Pads "C" Shape 2 larges + 2 smalls

10 small elastic straps / 2 longer elastic straps / 1 elastic belt.

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